Financial Planning Process


We encourage you to read about who we serve, and if our services would be a good fit for what you are looking for in your financial advisor.

Then, review our process so you know what to expect when you partner with Azimuth Wealth Management.

Planning 1a

Contact Christy

Schedule a call. This is a casual, candid, and confidential conversation about why you are seeking financial guidance. We want to answer the questions you have and figure out if our services will be a good fit. We understand your time is valuable, so we try to keep this initial call to 30 minutes.

Planning 2a

Our First Meeting

If after our call we mutually decide to move forward, our next step will be to schedule an in-person meeting with all parties involved in the plan. In this meeting, you don’t need to prepare anything, but rather come ready to share. What do you want more of, what do you wish you didn’t have to deal with, what do you want to understand, what do you want your money to do for your life? Do you have financial concerns? Are you looking to make a big change and want a second opinion on where you stand? We will invest the time in this meeting to make certain that the plan we create addresses all of your needs. This meeting typically lasts 2 hours and is when we sign our Financial Planning Contract and you make your deposit on your plan.

Planning 3a

Homework—Yours and Ours

You will be asked to gather relevant documents: everything from your auto policy, to investment statements, to monthly spending, to tax returns—and more—will be needed to understand your complete financial picture. You will be provided a detailed list of everything we need specific to your situation. We have a convenient way to securely upload PDFs or if you have hard copies we are happy to scan and safely return to you.

Once all the documents have been collected, we do the heavy lifting. Our plans require much thought, creativity, and focus; they take several weeks to create. We will also be coordinating with your CPA, attorney, insurance agents, and any other professionals critical to your success. We put ourselves in your shoes and prepare thoughtful options for you to consider, analysis to understand your situation, and strategies to help move you toward your goals.

Planning 4a


Your Financial Plan

Expect to be wowed. You invested the time and energy to build a relationship with a trusted partner, discuss your goals and questions, and provide all of the documentation that makes up your financial life. In return, you can expect to be rewarded. Not only will we present your plan, but we will prioritize and take action to organize your financial house, coordinating with your CPA, attorney, or other professional partners as needed.

The elements of your financial plan will differ depending on your situation, but generally, we review six facets of planning:

Accumulation: how to target asset growth, create more reliable investment forecasts, minimize overall risk, develop tax-efficient investment strategies, improve the risk-return trade-off in your portfolio

Retirement planning: how to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way, create an income plan that stands the test of time, develop investment strategies for individual retirement accounts and qualified plans, strengthen personal savings, consider any executive deferral plans or other benefits

Estate planning: how to preserve your assets, help you gain control over your assets during life, develop a legacy plan, maximize charitable gifting, seek to reduce your taxes now and in the future for your heirs, collaboration with your legal professional(s)

Risk management: how to protect your assets, repositioning asset ownership for taxation benefits, develop insurance strategies to ensure care should you become disabled, create an insurance

Planning 5a

Life Happens

You will hear from us throughout the year to discuss ideas, provide updates, and see how you are doing. We understand financial changes don’t happen on a regular schedule and we look forward to hearing from you whenever you need us. Otherwise, we typically meet annually to do a formal review of your situation and make any necessary adjustments.

Planning 6a

Share Milestones

We have had the true pleasure of providing guidance to our clients to accomplish financial goals they never thought possible. These are the kinds of successes that many people don’t get to share (finances being a confidential topic), so we take great joy in celebrating them with you. Of course, we want to help you celebrate or manage when other milestones occur—job change, marital change, loss of a loved one—so you can focus on what matters and leave the financial details to us.

Planning 7a

Staying Connected is Easy

You receive access to our secure online client center and phone app where you can review your accounts and statements as well as link outside accounts for a complete view of your financial picture.

Planning is a Luxury You Deserve

Having an ongoing relationship with a trusted financial planner who understands your situation and has built a plan to get you to your goals is a true luxury in life. No longer are you trying to coordinate everything yourself. You have a partner to offload things to, discuss ideas with, and to plan with and work with you as your life evolves. We view our clients as lifetime partners and we are in this with you for the long-term to help you realize your dreams.

We have helped clients confidently exit their careers and transition to retirement, purchase mountain vacation homes for their family to enjoy, pay for their children's full college educations, feel empowered to quit a job or become self-employed, buy investment real estate, establish a charitable foundation, and sell businesses.

These are all huge accomplishments that it is our pleasure to help you achieve and celebrate.


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