What to Expect

Azimuth Wealth Management What to Expect




Where are you headed with your finances?

Your financial life—your income, savings, expenses, charitable giving, insurance policies, 401(k), IRA, 529 accounts—is headed somewhere. Are you dictating the path and the steps you're taking to get to our ultimate goals or are you being led down a path due to inaction? As life becomes more complex, the financial aspects of it become increasingly challenging to manage. It is understandable why many people tend to put their finances in to a virtual "junk drawer," hoping that with enough hard work and earnings, they will be able to reach their goals. 

Unfortunately,  hope is not a reliable strategy to fund a retirement, dream vacation, college education, second home, or legacy. There is a reason why people who work with a financial advisor tend to save more and be on track toward their goals*. 

Expert planning and guidance can help you pursue these goals, and then some. That is what Azimuth Wealth Management provides. We are passionate about helping you organize, prioritize, and maximize your finances so you can spend your time focusing on what matters most to you. 

Expect to discover your path

We help you discover your path—your personal Azimuth—then provide the guidance you need to get, and stay, on track. As a small, locally-owned business, we have the pleasure of getting to know each of our clients personally so we can anticipate needs and proactively solve for challenges. When you partner with our firm, you can rely on us to be professional, ethical, and diligent, your fiduciary partner invested in your future success. 

Perhaps most importantly, you can expect to understand where you are headed with your finances. Through our financial planning process, we will develop your personalized plan and a strategy to move you toward your goals. We will take the time to address and explain the confusing pieces of your financial picture so you gain clarity that you may not have imagined possible. Our aim is for you to feel your most financially confident.