Key Questions for the Long-Term Investor



"It is this company called Sendrax. They have this special technology thingy for televising opera." - George Costanza, 1990

As ridiculous as this stock tip may seem, replace Sendrax with another technology company and televising opera with a new app and it could just as easily be the same unsolicited financial advice so many receive (and follow) in 2020.

Instead of creating additional stress of uncertainty in our lives, we can bring sanity to investment decisions by putting them through the filter of Key Questions for the Long-Term Investor. If Sendrax passes the test (it's a Seinfeld episode :-), then allocate accordingly. If not, you are better off to stick to a more proven track record. With approximately $463 billion traded globally every single day, there are a few other people trying to also find the best price on the best investment. Can you beat them? More importantly, do you even need to beat them in order to achieve what is important to you? Consider these 10 key questions before you make your next move.

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